How can I use Todoist with Google Assistant?

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What are Google Assistant and Google Home?

Google Home is a voice-activated speaker powered by Google Assistant.

How does the Todoist/Google Assistant integration work?

Google Assistant lets you add tasks, complete tasks, read your tasks, and also check your next upcoming task.

You can include due dates which will be automatically recognized by Todoist’s smart date recognition, as well as add labels, priority levels and specify the project you want to create it in.

How to connect Todoist with Google Assistant?

1. Open the Google Home app and go to Google Assistant > More Settings > Services.

2. Enable Todoist and you will be redirected to the Todoist site where you should log in using your Todoist account credentials.

3. Now you should be able to use Todoist through Google Home.

How to use the Todoist/Google Assistant integration?

Say "Ok Google" and ask your Assistant to do things like read my tasks, tasks for today, read my next task, next task, mark done, mark complete, etc. For example, "Ok Google, Tell Todoist to add a task to `pick up the kids` tomorrow at 4pm."

Known limitations

Currently, integration with the Google Assistant is available for Google Home only. In the future, it will work on other platforms (e.g. Google’s app Allo). Now you can talk to Todoist + the Google Assistant in English, but more languages are coming later.

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