Todoist for Mac Changelog

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This changelog only includes details specifically for the macOS app. In addition, the macOS app inherits every update from the Todoist for Web version.

7.0.10 (11303) - 29 Jan 2018

  • 🐛 Multiple bug fixes to the Quick Add.
  • 🐛 Last week we said that for folks running El Capitan, the Today Widget would look normal again. That turned out not to be true. It is now truly fixed.
  • 🐛 And the usual small bug-squashing and app-improving to make sure your to-do list runs smoothly.

7.0.9 (11287) – 15 Jan 2018

  • 🐛 The Today Widget will now update immediately all the time.
  • 🐛 For folks running El Capitan, the Today Widget will look normal again.
  • 🐛 And the usual small bug-squashing and app-improving to make sure your to-do list runs smoothly.

7.0.7 (11260) - 12 Dec 2017

  • ⭐️A completely rebuilt Today Widget so viewing and completing tasks from the widget should work smoothly from now on.
  • ⭐️A completely rebuilt Share Extension so you can now use the smart Quick Add to create new tasks with all the details - due dates, project, label, priority level, assignee, and comment - right inside the app you're sharing from.
  • 🐛And the usual small bug-squashing and app-improving to make sure your to-do list runs smoothly.

7.0.6 (11181) - 16 November 2017

  • 🐛When you complete tasks from the Today Widget, they will now actually be completed.
  • 🐛Some Korean and Japanese users were experiencing strange(r) things while typing text into the task Quick Add. Those things have been vanquished to wherever they came from.
  • 🐛Some people reported issues with closing the app. That, we hope, is no longer the case.

7.0.5 (11128) – 3 November 2017

  • 🐛When using task Quick Add, the due date field will again be visible on all version of macOS.
  • 🐛You can again create a recurring task with a specific start date – for example, "Call Mom every week starting Monday".

7.0.2 (11058) - 26 Jun 2017

  • ⭐️A more reliable Quick Add: This update includes a bunch of behind-the-scenes improvements to make sure the smart Quick Add accurately recognizes due dates, assignees, projects, labels, and priority levels when you type them into the task name field. For more on how to use Quick Add head over to and search for "Quick Add".
  • ⚙️️A fully functioning Today Widget
  • 🐛Tasks in the Today Widget will now appear properly formatted.
  • 🐛You can again complete tasks right from the Today Widget.

7.0 (10945) - 16 May 2017

  • We updated the design of the app to make it feel more at home on your Mac, including extending your theme color all the way to the tippy top of your top bar.
  • A redesigned smart task Quick Add. Not only does it look more like a Quick Add on Mac should, it also works much faster for getting your tasks off your mind and onto your to-do list.
  • The smart Quick Add now always includes a shortcut to assign a task to someone else. Just type “+” into the task name field to pull up a list of collaborators.
  • A bunch of behind-the-scenes improvements and bug fixes which admittedly aren’t very sexy, but are nonetheless vital to keeping your to-do list reliable and your tasks safe. Needless to say, we’re pretty darn excited about it.

6.3.19 (10721) - 30 Jan 2017

  • Bug fixes and improvements.


6.3.18 (Dec 2)

  • New: Updated priority icons on the native Quick Add
  • New: Added support for webcal:// links
  • New: Added support for the priority value in the URL Scheme
  • New: Remove new lines on content pasted into the native Quick Add
  • New: Performance improvements to the native Quick Add
  • New: Added 140 characters limit to titles parser from URLs on the Share Extension

6.3.7 (May 17)

  • Fixed: You can print your tasks again

6.3.4 (Apr 14)

  • Fixed an issue that was opening multiple windows/tabs in a browser when clicking a link.
  • Fixed an issue that (sometimes) didn't let users add tasks with due dates from Quick Add.
  • Fixed an issue where start dates didn't work from Quick Add.
  • Fixed an issue where the menu in the menu bar was showing the wrong shortcuts.
  • Fixed an issue where emojis were not recognized as part of a label name in Quick Add.
  • Fixed an issue that was turning the screen black when using the show/hide shortcut while in fullscreen mode.
  • Fixed an issue that was causing the app to crash (sometimes) at the beginning.

6.3.5 (Apr 28)

  • Now, you can include an “@“ in your task name without it automatically turning into a label. Just tap the highlighted word to make it part of your task name.
  • If you happen to reach the maximum number of tasks in a project and try to add one more via Quick Add, you’ll now get a message that your project is full.
  • Fixed: You can print your tasks again! Apologies to all of our users who like to see their tasks laid out on paper. Print on.
  • Fixed: If you’re using the Korean keyboard, typing a task into Quick Add will now work as it should - no more spontaneous text changes or misbehaving cursors.

6.3.6 (Apr 29)

  • Fixed: Our smart Quick Add will again automatically recognize your due dates, labels, and projects when you type them into your task name - it’s intelligent but unfortunately not infallible.
  • Fixed: Our add task keyboard shortcut (Cmd+Shift+A by default) will now pull up the aforementioned smart Quick Add every time.