Todoist for iOS Changelog

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Read about the latest updates to Todoist for iOS (iPhone and iPad).

11.6.17 (20985) - 8 March 2018

==Exciting new things==

  • ⭐️A completely redesigned Productivity overview – Set and see progress on your daily and weekly goals, build up your goal streaks, keep track of your Karma points, and more. See for yourself by tapping the user button at the top left of the left menu.
  • ⚙Revamped Settings – Including the much requested power to customize your start page from the iOS app. (Settings > General > Start Page)
  • 🐛 And the usual small bug-squashing and app-improving to make sure your to-do list runs smoothly.


11.6.13 (20721) - 5 February 2018

==A short list today==

  • 🐛 Comments with multiple attached images only showed the first image in the list. All images will now appear as expected.
  • 🐛 And the usual small bug-squashing and app-improving to make sure your to-do list runs smoothly.

11.6.12 (20669) - 29 January 2018

==Fixin' for a productive week (and we hope you are too)==

  • 🐛 When you type the "#" project shortcut into the Quick Add field and begin typing your project name, the autocomplete suggestions will again sort logically.
  • 🐛 On Siri, tasks assigned to a specific day, but no time, will no longer be added for 9am.

And the usual small bug-squashing and app-improving to make sure your to-do list runs smoothly.


11.6.11 (20669) - 23 January 2018

  • 🐛 Multiple bug fixes to the Quick Add.
  • 🐛 And the usual small bug-squashing and app-improving to make sure your to-do list runs smoothly.


11.6.9/11.6.10 (20614) – 15 January 2018

  • 🐛 Tasks added via the Share Extension will now properly link to the article or page you want to save.
  • 🐛 The Quick Add was crashing in some cases when a project was selected. That's no longer the case.
  • 🐛 And the usual small bug-squashing and app-improving to make sure your to-do list runs smoothly.

11.6.8 (20563) - 2 January 2018

  • 🐛 Usual small bug-squashing and app-improving to make sure your to-do list runs smoothly.

11.6.7 (20550) - 19 December 2017

  • ⭐️ Select and attach any video from your gallery to a task or project comment.
  • ⭐️ Add video and audio files to comments from the Share Extension.
  • ⚙ Enjoy some small visual polishing of the task Quick Add including bigger fonts and new icons.
  • 🐛 Tapping a link preview in a comment will no longer crash the app.

11.6.6 - 27 November 2017

  • 🐛 Some small bug-squashing and app-improving to ensure your to-do list runs smoothly.


  • 🐛 When you add a task from another app via the Share Extension, it will now properly sync across all platforms.
  • 🐛 Changes made to tasks via the Today Widget will now properly sync without actually opening the app (though it does need to be running in the background to update).
  • 🐛 All filters should now pull up all the right tasks every time you view them.


  • 🐛 Adding attachments to comments now works properly again.
  • 🐛 The watchOS app now uses the proper date and time formats.


  • Todoist for Apple Watch and Todoist for iOS were briefly not on speaking terms. We've fixed the connectivity issues so the watchOS app should again be able to update itself.


  • We adapted the app for the new iPhone X. Enjoy Todoist bezel-lessly.


  • Fixed: From now on, everyone's Todoists should observe Daylight Savings Time changes properly. #HowIsThisStillaThing #LockTheClock
  • Fixed: The watchOS app is again available in all languages that Todoist supports. Our sincerest apologies to the world.


  • A new surprise when you reach Todoist Zero
  • A better onboarding experience for new users
  • Haptic feedback on certain actions - like swiping to complete – for people who use iPhone 7 or later
  • Fixes for a few scenarios when the app was crashing

iOS 11.5.4 (19913)

  • Behind-the-scenes improvements to make the app much faster (and make sure the interface no longer occasionally locks up)

11.5.3 (Oct 2 2017)

  • You will again be able to set location-based reminders from the iOS app.
  • Tasks that have been turned into section headers - by adding a ":" at the end - will be uncompletable and will be excluded from the project and label task count. (For more on the organizational wonders of section headers, head over to and search for "section headers".)
  • You can now create filters in both your smart date recognition language (customizable in your Settings) and your phone's default language.

11.3.8 (18632) - 6 Jul 2017

  • New! You can now use emojis to react to comments inside tasks and projects.
  • Fixed: Older project comments were refusing to load. That's no longer the case.

11.3.7 (18549) - 1 Jun 2017

  • New: Store your Todoist credentials on your iCloud Keychain, and then forget about them. The next time you log in on iOS, you’ll have the option to use your stored username and password in a single tap.
  • Fixed: The app was crashing for some users when they opened the Notifications screen. That is no longer the case. Sorry about that!

11.3.6 (18468) - 17 May 2017

  • New: We’ve added support for Dynamic Type – Apple’s fancy way of saying you can change the font size in your apps. Make words in Todoist bigger or smaller, whatever you find easiest to read. Font options can be found inside the iOS accessibility settings. We hope it makes Todoist more comfortable to use for more people.
  • New: For anyone collaborating in Todoist, you’ll now be able to mark individual notifications as read or unread. Very handy for making sure you don’t miss any important updates in shared projects.

iOS 11.3.5 (18246) - 3 May 2017

The usual small bug-squashing and app-improving to make sure your to-do list runs smoothly.

11.3 (18192) - 16 Feb 2017

  • Brand Spanking New: filter queries! Including the highly requested option to filter by assignee. Just search for "assigned to: George" to pull up a list of all the tasks assigned to George. More details to come on
  • Fixed: All filter-related oddities have been fixed. (Thanks for the bug reports!)
  • Fixed: The app will no longer spontaneously crash when you try to select a Google Drive folder.
  • Fixed: Spotlight search wasn't finding the relevant Todoist tasks, projects, and comments. We've made them much more findable.
  • Fixed: Some links added from the Share Extension were turning into some very ugly tasks and comments –all formatting issues have now been fixed.

11.2.9 (17978) - 17 Jan 2017

  • Fixed: URL Scheme was refusing to open the proper resource using the provided ID.
  • Fixed: Now you can edit your tasks again if you reached the task limit per project. Sorry about that!
  • Fixed: Every extension of the app is now properly translated.

11.2.10 (18038) - 20 Jan 2017

  • New: You can now enjoy completely new designs when you consult our premium screens.

11.2.11 (18052) - 26 Jan 2017

  • Bug fixes and improvements.



11.2.7 (17889) - Dec 9

  • Fixed: Some users with iOS 10 were experiencing an issue with the app where it was restarting their devices showing a black screen with a spinner.
  • More improvements and fixes to the Today Widget.


11.2.3 (Oct 31)

  • Fixed: Reminder issues (both location and time-based)
  • Fixed: Crashes on the Today widget
  • Fixed: Crashes on the comments view


11.1.3 (August 15)

  • Performance improvements.

11.1.2 (August 10)

  • New: The Settings menu has been updated to make it easier to personalize your Todoist account.
  • Fixed: Formatting issues for project names.
  • Fixed: Relative reminders – like 30 minutes before a task is due – will now be displayed as you would expect them to.

11.1.1 (July 14)

  • Fixed: The new Activity Log will now show all activity up to the present, not just things that happened hundreds of days ago.
  • Fixed: Todoist Complications on your Apple Watch will properly format task names.
  • Fixed: Notifications will now appear in proper chronological order.
  • Fixed: The Quick Add button will no longer cover up the task option menu.
  • Fixed: You'll again be able to add tasks via the URL Scheme – even when the app is closed.
  • Fixed: When adding a task via the URL Scheme, the smart Quick Add will again be smart. All task details – due dates, priority levels, assignees, projects, and labels – will be automatically recognized and properly added to your new task.
  • Fixed: Keyboard shortcuts will continue to work as expected, even after entering the comments view.
  • Fixed: The app was spontaneously freezing after adding tasks from a label view. This will no longer happen.
  • Fixed: "My Off Days" in Karma Settings are now listed in the right order.
  • Fixed: Uncompleting a completed task will no longer cause disturbances in app syncing.
  • Fixed: Opening project comments was causing the app to spontaneously crash. This will no longer happen.


11.0.6 (May 3)

  • Fixed: You can now add a task with a label using the URL Scheme without fear that the app will spontaneously crash.
  • Fixed: Any users can now open any attachments in any comments without fear that the app will spontaneously crash.
  • Fixed: Any user can now drag-and-drop to re-arrange projects, labels, and filters to their heart's content without fear that the app will spontaneously crash.

11.0.7 (May 12)

  • Fixed: When the clock strikes midnight, your Today and Next 7 Days views will now update accordingly.
  • Fixed: The date picker button is now bigger, making it easier for those of us who don’t have small, incredibly dexterous fingers to schedule our tasks.
  • Fixed: Voice dictation will no longer stop working when you say a day of the week.
  • Fixed: If you have a long, distinguished name - such as Pablo Diego José Francisco de Paula Juan Nepomuceno María de los Remedios Cipriano de la Santísima Trinidad Ruiz y Picasso - it will no longer overlap with the edit button when viewing your user profile.

11.0.4 (Apr 7)

  • Improved sync with the Glance and Complication on the Apple Watch
  • Tick things off in the Today view, and it will be reflected in the Apps badge number
  • Opening the app from a notification will no longer dismiss all other Todoist notifications
  • Fixes an issue where the date picker might not be shown in the Add item view
  • Emoji will be detected in Project names
  • Fixes a rare but frustrating crash that could prevent login
  • Fixes a crash that could happen when adding an attachment from Dropbox

11.0.5 (Apr 26)

  • Fixed: The comment field will no longer disappear when a reminder shows up for another task.
  • Fixed: You won't be reminded to do tasks you've already completed.
  • Fixed: Pinching to add a task in the middle of your list now works as smoothly as you would expect it to.
  • Fixed: When you assign a task and then change the project, the assignee stays saved.
  • Fixed: When you email support from inside the app, the Send and Cancel buttons are now properly shaded in so you can actually see them.