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Version 7.3 (Sep 30)


  • In Russian, every word that starts with "пон" is parsed as "Monday"
  • User sells car parts and can't enter engine size such as 4.4 as it becomes a date
  • A user has issues with editing overdue tasks. The task was named "Monthly admin" and was overdue, when he saved the edits, it became a "Monthly" task called "admin" because the parser always re-parses everything each time you edit the task
  • A writer or editor types "do that for each 2 columns" and gets a "do that for columns" task due on "each 2nd day of a month"
  • A writer types "First draft of Chapter 1" and gets a task due 1 Oct called "draft of Chapter 1"
  • Ability to disable inline date parsing
  • Cannot tab between fields in quick add task modal
  • Comment notification doesn't work if "Notify following people" is not checked even though a user's name is already checked
  • Live update of Karma
  • Not possible to copy the text of completed tasks in completed tasks
  • If you enter a date into the "schedule" field, then this date is considered and nothing from the task name should be parsed as a due date
  • Not possible to select text inside notes or completed tasks
  • Japanese: Stop parsing weekday shortcuts as dates, e.g. `火`
  • Japanese, Chinese, Korean: The date format 2015.09.17 needs to be clicked multiple times in order to be cancelled
  • Chrome plugin: Fixed issue with attaching websites as notes
  • Improved selection of people to notify in notes section
  • Show task count in the team inbox
  • When accessing print from desktop app, the print is initiated before data is refreshed
  • German: Stop parsing `auf 75` as a date
  • Russian: Support parsing `каждое воскресение начиная с 1 августа и заканчивая 1 ноября`
  • Not possible to ignore a date that includes '
  • `nächsten Montag` parsed incorrectly
  • Not possible to unassigne a person after removing the date
  • Fixed `каждый второй и четвёртый понедельник в 14:30`
  • Task with active sub-tasks can't be deleted in Today view
  • When completed tasks are filtered by project, note icon doesn't indicate notes are present
  • Cursor jumping while editing tasks (with video)

Version 7.2 (2015/09/19)


  • Pressing ESC/backspace cancels the natural language highlighting
  • Pressing on top logo goes to the start page
  • CTRL+M opens the quick note
  • Ability to get the traceback from the sync error screen
  • Big performance improvements to natural language parsing
  • New images for #TodoistZero


  • Rendering fixes to the mini version (affecting mainly Gmail and Outlook)
  • Improvements for touch (on mobile web and Windows 10+Edge)
  • Stop parsing dates like Jan as dates in all languages
  • Support Jänner in German
  • Fixed a lot of date parsing issues in Russian
  • For Asian language: ability to use double space
  • Stop parsing international phone numbers as due dates
  • Japanese: Evernote links triggers due date parsing, needs to be clicked 8 times
  • “tod" worked as a filter query before, now it doesn't
  • Video on /gmail page doesn't work
  • Parser recognizes phone numbers as dates and put them as "NaN undefined NaN NaN:NaN AM" date
  • When adding a label after the date, a cursor will stay in the middle of the label name
  • Calendar icon gets stuck on backspace
  • Search bar includes Outlook-based ID data
  • @ icon in Quick Add inserts @ then moves cursor before it
  • Hitting space twice moves cursor to the beginning of the line
  • Today/Tomorrow is case sensitive
  • Issues with adding multiple labels
  • The label icon under the due date field is not clickable
  • Uppercase queries don't work in filters in v700
  • Spanish: task "Zapatillas Dexter lunes" sets a due date as Dexter lunes and makes it recurring
  • "hæng billeder op i skur" (danish) in a todo. The lowercase i will be highlighted in red.
  • is added to every task created with the Gmail plugin
  • Google default avatar is ignored

Version 7.0 and 7.1 (2015/09/16)