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In Todoist, labels are used to indicate contexts for your tasks, which enables sorting and list generation. For example, you can label all your shopping tasks. Then, the next time you go shopping, simply query Todoist for that label, and you'll generate a list of all your shopping-labeled tasks.

How to label tasks

Labels consist of the @ symbol, followed by the label word, with no spaces. A shopping label could be @shopping. You can use any number of labels to create different task categories, such as shopping, home, gym, work, school, and fun.

Here's an example: To add home and shopping labels to a task, type @home @shopping in the text for the task:

When you click 'Add task' to save, your task will be rendered with linked labels:

How to filter tasks using labels

To retrieve all the tasks with a certain label, simply enter the label in the query box:

You query Your query results show
@shopping All tasks that are labeled with @shopping
@home @gym All tasks that are labeled with @home and @gym
today, overdue @home All tasks that are overdue, due today, and labeled with @home
7 days @home All tasks for the next 7 days that are labeled with @home
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