Giving Premium as a gift

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Want to give the gift of unparalleled productivity and organizational zen? Give Todoist Premium 🎁  

You can buy a Premium gift code for anyone who either doesn't have a Todoist account yet or has a free or Premium account (Todoist Business users can’t redeem Premium gift codes).

Go to to purchase your gift. All gift codes can be redeemed at

As a bonus, for every 1-year gift subscription you purchase, you’ll automatically receive an extra 3 months of Premium on your own Todoist account.

In order to buy a Todoist gift code, you’ll need to have your own Todoist account. A gift code cannot be activated on the same account it was purchased from.


Some helpful answers to common questions:

I lost my Todoist gift code. What should I do?

Just contact our customer support. They’ll make sure you get access to your gift code.

Can I get a refund?

Yes! If it’s been less than 30 days since purchase, just contact our customer support to get a refund. The gift code you purchased will be deactivated and the extra 3 months of Premium will be removed from your Todoist account. If the code has already been activated, the remaining Premium time will be removed from that account.

Can I give Todoist Business?

Todoist gift codes are only for Premium subscriptions. There is currently no way to purchase Todoist Business as a gift.

Can I transfer a Todoist gift code to somebody else?

A Todoist gift code is completely transferable. If you send a gift code to someone who doesn't want it, you can always send that same gift code to another person as long as it hasn’t been activated yet.

Does a Todoist gift code have an expiration date?

Todoist gift codes do not expire.