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Todoist supports a number of date and time formats to make it easy to specify due dates of your tasks. If you type in something like [ Call mom 11am Sunday ], Intelligent Input can figure out what you mean and pop the new task right onto your task list. Following are examples of the ways that you can enter due dates and times. Many other formats work too, so if you're not sure, just try it out!

Single-occurring dates

Input Definition (Todoist understands)
today Today (tod also works)
tomorrow Tomorrow (tom also works)
next month 1st day of the next month
jan 27 Jan 27 (27 jan also works)
 27/1  Jan 27
01/27/2016 January 27, 2016 (27/01/2016, 2016/01/27, 2016-01-27 also work)
27th 27th day of the current month
mid January January 15th
end of month Last day of the current month
today at 10 Today at 10am
Tomorrow at 16:00 Tomorrow at 4pm
Fri @ 7pm Friday at 7pm (Friday @ 7pm, Fri at 7pm, Fri at 19:00 also work)
6pm Today at 6pm (unless 6pm has passed, in which case tomorrow) (18:00 also works)
5 days 5 days from now (+5 days also works)
3 weeks  3 weeks from now
2 hours 2 hours from now

Recurring dates

You can enter recurring dates for your tasks. When you complete a recurring task, the entry will roll to the next date you've selected. When creating recurring tasks, the time expression has three parts: the repetition - day and/or time, the start date, and the end date/duration. You can mix and match them however you like, e.g. [every day at 10am starting Friday for 8 weeks].

Recurring date

Input Definition (Todoist understands)
every day Every day starting from today (daily also works)
every morning Every day at 9am
every evening Every day at 7pm
every weekday Every Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday
every monday, friday Every Monday, Friday (ev monday, friday; every mon, fri; ev mon, fri also work)
every 3 days Every 3 days today
every week Every week starting today (weekly also works)
every month Every month starting today (monthly also works)
every 3rd friday Every 3rd Friday of the month
every 27th Every 27th of the month (every 27 also works)
every year Every year starting today (yearly also works)
every jan 27th Every January 27th

Start date

Examples: starting 9:00, starting monday, starting 1 Jan, from 9:00, from Friday, from 16 Aug, etc.

End date/Duration

Examples: until 20 July, ending 24 August, for 3 weeks, for 3 days, ending in 3 months, etc.

Please note that in Todoist there are two recurring dates: every and every!. They are similar and the difference is how the next date is computed. For example:

  • Clean fridge with due date every 3 months starting 10 April
  • Clean fridge with due date every! 3 months starting 10 April

Completing every 3 months starting 10 April will result in a due date 3 months from 10. April.

Completing every! 3 months starting 10 April will result in a due date 3 months from the completion date.


Tasks that need to be done on holidays can be specified using respective keywords.

Input Definition (Todoist understands)
new year day January 1
valentine's day February 14
memorial day Last Monday of May
independence day July 4
halloween October 31
thanksgiving 4th Thursday of November
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