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Todoist can remind you about upcoming tasks via email or mobile text message. With task reminders, you'll never forget about an important meeting — or your favorite TV show.

Setting up your reminder services

Go to Settings – Reminders to configure reminders for your tasks.

Automatic reminders for tasks with deadlines

Todoist creates automatic reminders for tasks that have a due date and associated time. For example: if your task is due today @ 10am, Todoist will automatically send a reminder 30 minutes before this deadline.

Setting reminders manually

It's easy to manually set and manage reminders. To do this, simply:

  • Open a task's menu by clicking on the menu icon ().
  • Click Reminders menu item to open up a window where you can manage your task's reminders.

Manage reminders

Location-aware reminders

Todoist users can now create task reminders that, instead of triggering on a specific day or time, will trigger when entering or leaving a specific location.

Location-aware reminders can be managed from any platform (including Gmail or Outlook), but they will only trigger on-the-go when using Todoist on iOS or Android devices. To activate location-aware reminders in iOS, tap Settings > Privacy > Location Services and turn on Location Services and Reminders. On Android, everything is setup automatically.

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