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If you need to add some more information about a task or a project, Todoist allows you to easily add task and project comments.

When you hover over a task, you'll see a speech bubble icon next to its name, which allows you to add a comment, edit or delete it as well as see how many comments have been added to each task:

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Todoist offers native support for files and an integration with Dropbox and Google Drive. You can attach, share and access files like images, documents and spreadsheets from within Todoist – and Dropbox and Google Drive – from anywhere to any task, from any project. All file formats are being supported.

If you don't have time to type, you can simply record audio files to add quick comments and play them from within Todoist.

How to upload and share a file

  1. Hover over a task and click the note icon next to its name.
  2. Click on the upload icon, then choose the location you’d like to upload a file from: your computer, Google Drive or Dropbox.
  3. Browse through your files and click the name of the file you’d like to attach. Alternatively, you can drag and drop the file into the notes view window.

To share multiple files, hold the Ctrl (PC) or ⌘ (Mac) key while selecting your files. On your mobile device, check several files to upload them all at once.

If you’d like to remove a file or an audio note you’ve attached to a task, click the trash icon to the left of the file name.

File sharing for free and premium users

Free users who have shared projects with others will be able to share files via Google Drive and Dropbox as well as access files uploaded by others. Those free users who have not shared any projects will not be able to access the files feature. Todoist Premium users can share files to tasks using Todoist’s built-in service, Google Drive, and Dropbox as well as access them from anywhere.

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