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Todoist Templates

  • Templates are now CSV based, meaning that you can edit the template much easier in Excel or Google Sheets.
  • Shared projects are supported (preserving who posted or assigned the tasks)
  • Due dates are by default relative (e.g. “in 3 days” and not absolute)
  • Stuff should be much snappier as we only rely on HTML5 uploading
  • Backwards compatibility with our old system
  • Drag and drop is supported, you can take a template and drop it on a project
  • Sharing with other people

Todoist for Android

8.1.2 (Oct 5):

  • Added Turkish translations
  • Added missing resources for high resolution screens
  • Date parsing improvements
  • Fixed crashes while searching and switching projects
  • Fixed crash when working with Google Drive attachments

8.2 (Oct 23):

  • Updated appwidget to match the new design and use less space
  • New color picker
  • Added theme syncing across platforms
  • Reminder notifications are now automatically dismissed when the task is completed
  • Updated scheduler's next week logic to use your configured "start day" and "next week day" options
  • Improved URL parsing
  • Added Portuguese (Portugal) language
  • Multiple bug fixes

8.3 (Oct 26):

  • Marshmallow permissions support
  • Improved image and video viewer UIs
  • Minor improvements and bug fixes

Todoist for Outlook


  • Fixed rendering issues on high-DPI displays by reverting back to older Chromium version
  • Fixed issue when the last opened mail item would sometimes popup when clicking on links inside the plugin