How to email tasks to Todoist?

Available on:
  1. Open your Inbox or the particular project you want to email to and click the pencil & wrench icon ('Task actions') on the top-right side to find the Email tasks to this project option there (this menu option is not available on our mobile apps).
  2. Send or forward an email to the unique email address (shown in the window that appears) to create a task. The email's subject will become the content of the task while the body will be added as a comment. All attachments smaller than 25MB will also be attached.

Supported syntax:

Due dates

Set due dates directly from your email client. Simply include <date tomorrow> in either the subject or the body of the email (please note that the text that you would modify is only the actual date portion). You can use all of Todoist's dates such as <date every day>.


Label your email tasks by including labels (e.g. @work or @shopping) in either subject or body of the email.


Set priorities on your email tasks by including !!1, !!2 or !!3 in either subject or body of the email.

Authorizing additional email addresses

If you are going to send emails from an address which is different from your Todoist address, please remember to scroll down and add it to the list of authorized emails to allow Todoist to accept tasks from that address. 



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