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As you successfully complete tasks on time in Todoist, you’ll gain Karma points and achieve new Karma levels.

You can see your current Karma points and level by selecting the Karma tab from the Productivity view on any platform.


You earn Karma when you:

  • Add tasks.
  • Complete tasks on time.
  • Use advanced features like labels, recurring due dates, and reminders.

You earn bonus Karma when you:

  • Reach your daily and weekly task goals.
  • Achieve new daily and weekly streaks.

You lose Karma when you:

  • Have tasks that are 4 or more days overdue.
You can turn on vacation mode in your Karma settings so you won’t lose your Karma points or streaks when you’re taking time off.

To learn more about the various Karma levels and which actions are earning you points, click on About Karma Levels from the Productivity view:


To see how you’ve accumulated Karma points over the last week, look at your Karma trend.



To change your Karma settings, daily goals and more, use the Productivity settings.


Q: Can I turn Karma off?

A: Yes. Turn off Karma from the Productivity menu by toggling Karma to off.