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8.4.2 (Dec 23)

  • Improved keyboard navigation
  • Improved emoji support in comments
  • Bug fixes (karma goals crash, wrong project color in task editing)
  • Improved karma level dialog
  • Updated chart in profile

Windows 10



  • Completely revamped task add with much better touch support and additional options such as adding a comments straight from task add
  • Persists project collapse/uncollapse status
  • Fixes empty label list issue
  • Improvements in syncing reliability
  • A lot of minor UI refinements
  • Revamps a lot of picker UIs (labels, project)
  • Sidebar is now more responsive to better scale with available screen space



  • Much richer primary live tile
  • Much improved drag&drop for tasks, Today / Next 7 Days now includes drop shadows
  • Support for reindenting new tasks that haven’t been saved yet while in the task editor (see shortcuts)
  • Natural date parsing in all Todoist-supported languages. The language is picked based on the keyboard the user has selected
  • Adds assignee picker to the task context menu
  • Comment drafts are now automatically saved in local storage and roamed between Windows devices
  • Partial shortcut support
  • Ability to move tasks to history
  • Tasks generated with Outlook now show the subject of the email


  • Tasks in label views are now ordered consistently with other platforms
  • Task properties in the 3rd pane now update after changing them in the task list
  • Fixes a bug where the order of items would not update after a server refresh without reopening the app
  • Differentiates sorting rules for overdue section in Today / 7 Days
  • Fixes issue where tasks could become duplicate in the UI in case of several quick actions in succession
  • Improvements in assignee picker UI
  • Significant reliability improvements to the way data is stored locally, including local backups