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11.0.4 (Apr 7)

  • Improved sync with the Glance and Complication on the Apple Watch
  • Tick things off in the Today view, and it will be reflected in the Apps badge number
  • Opening the app from a notification will no longer dismiss all other Todoist notifications
  • Fixes an issue where the date picker might not be shown in the Add item view
  • Emoji will be detected in Project names
  • Fixes a rare but frustrating crash that could prevent login
  • Fixes a crash that could happen when adding an attachment from Dropbox

11.0.5 (Apr 26)

  • Fixed: The comment field will no longer disappear when a reminder shows up for another task.
  • Fixed: You won't be reminded to do tasks you've already completed.
  • Fixed: Pinching to add a task in the middle of your list now works as smoothly as you would expect it to.
  • Fixed: When you assign a task and then change the project, the assignee stays saved.
  • Fixed: When you email support from inside the app, the Send and Cancel buttons are now properly shaded in so you can actually see them.


9.0.2 (Apr 12)

  • Better plural support for German
  • Fix Quick Add crash when working with dates
  • Fix Wear crash when adding tasks
  • Fix scrolling to the bottom when adding tasks for tomorrow
  • Fix authentication error handling UI
  • Multiple crash fixes and stability improvements


6.3.4 (Apr 14)

  • Fixed an issue that was opening multiple windows/tabs in a browser when clicking a link.
  • Fixed an issue that (sometimes) didn't let users add tasks with due dates from Quick Add.
  • Fixed an issue where start dates didn't work from Quick Add.
  • Fixed an issue where the menu in the menu bar was showing the wrong shortcuts.
  • Fixed an issue where emojis were not recognized as part of a label name in Quick Add.
  • Fixed an issue that was turning the screen black when using the show/hide shortcut while in fullscreen mode.
  • Fixed an issue that was causing the app to crash (sometimes) at the beginning.

6.3.5 (Apr 28)

  • Now, you can include an “@“ in your task name without it automatically turning into a label. Just tap the highlighted word to make it part of your task name.
  • If you happen to reach the maximum number of tasks in a project and try to add one more via Quick Add, you’ll now get a message that your project is full.
  • Fixed: You can print your tasks again! Apologies to all of our users who like to see their tasks laid out on paper. Print on.
  • Fixed: If you’re using the Korean keyboard, typing a task into Quick Add will now work as it should - no more spontaneous text changes or misbehaving cursors.

6.3.6 (Apr 29)

  • Fixed: Our smart Quick Add will again automatically recognize your due dates, labels, and projects when you type them into your task name - it’s intelligent but unfortunately not infallible.
  • Fixed: Our add task keyboard shortcut (Cmd+Shift+A by default) will now pull up the aforementioned smart Quick Add every time.