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11.1.1 (July 14)

  • Fixed: The new Activity Log will now show all activity up to the present, not just things that happened hundreds of days ago.
  • Fixed: Todoist Complications on your Apple Watch will properly format task names.
  • Fixed: Notifications will now appear in proper chronological order.
  • Fixed: The Quick Add button will no longer cover up the task option menu.
  • Fixed: You'll again be able to add tasks via the URL Scheme – even when the app is closed.
  • Fixed: When adding a task via the URL Scheme, the smart Quick Add will again be smart. All task details – due dates, priority levels, assignees, projects, and labels – will be automatically recognized and properly added to your new task.
  • Fixed: Keyboard shortcuts will continue to work as expected, even after entering the comments view.
  • Fixed: The app was spontaneously freezing after adding tasks from a label view. This will no longer happen.
  • Fixed: "My Off Days" in Karma Settings are now listed in the right order.
  • Fixed: Uncompleting a completed task will no longer cause disturbances in app syncing.
  • Fixed: Opening project comments was causing the app to spontaneously crash. This will no longer happen.