How can I use Todoist with Timely?

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What is Timely?

Timely is is a time tracking app that lets you keep track of how much time is spent on projects and tasks.

How does the integration work?

Timely lets you see how much time is spent on Todoist projects and tasks.

How to connect Todoist with Timely?

  1. Open
  2. Click the Connect new account to Todoist button. You'll be asked to grant Timely authorization to access data from your account. To continue, proceed with authorization.

How to use the integration?

  1. Mouse-over one of the days and click the plus button.
  2. Click the overview option to Day.
  3. In the right sidebar, click one of the Todoist tasks and click the Create button.
  4. Add logged or planned time for the task.
    • To add logged time, click the timer icon.
    • To add planned time, click the Add planned time button and enter the time.