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11.1.2 (Nov 24)

  • New: Smart Scheduling: adds weekday to predictions, improvements for recurring tasks
  • New: Small improvements to scheduler’s UI
  • New: Autocompletion order in the Quick Add
  • New: Multi-window handling
  • New: Performance (sync, UI)
  • Fixed: Smart Scheduling not working from the widget and not accounting for the task’s time
  • Fixed: Uploading avatars on pre-Lollipop
  • Fixed: Saving locations reminders
  • Fixed: Logout / login workflow showing the empty screen instead of loading
  • Fixed: Logout triggering a “You have to login!” message
  • Fixed: Task containing parts of highlights after submitting the quick add
  • Fixed: Erroneous item selections
  • Fixed: Link / email icon alignment in tasks
  • Fixed: Text alignment in the widget’s sections
  • Fixed: Memory leaks
  • Fixed: Multiple crashes

11.1 (Nov 16)

  • New: Improvememnts for night owls (eg. scheduling for "tomorrow" at 1am)
  • New: Karma vacation icon
  • New: Auto-accept invites setting
  • New: Automatic archiving of sub-projects
  • New: Ability to select which Google Drive account to use on every upload
  • Fixed: Faster syncing
  • Fixed: Bug fixes including reminders, quick add, multi-window, and crashes