How to best use search

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No matter how organized you are, sometimes you’re going to lose track of things. No worries - Todoist’s simple, powerful search has you covered.

How does search work?

  • To find a task based on a word, enter the word into the Quick Find bar.
  • Locate your task in the results.


How to best use search:

  • Try to find your task using specific keywords that would be in the task name
  • If you can’t, try narrowing down your results based on date, project, comment, or more

Start out by searching for a word in the task name

Let’s say you can’t find a task you’re looking for, but you know the word “automatic” was in the name.

Simply type “automatic” into the quick find bar at the top. As you type, you’ll start seeing search results below. If you don’t find it at first, keep trying words until you do.

Tip: You can search for part of a word, too. Like “auto” will show any results with the word automobile, automatic, autos, etc.

Search by date, project, comment, or more using queries

If you can’t narrow it down by task name alone, you can try searching by date, project, and more.

For instance, if you’re looking for your homework task in your #Math project, just type this into the search bar:

“homework & #Math”

You’ll get all the tasks with the keyword “homework” in the Math project.

Here’s a few more examples to help you search by date, date ranges, priorities and project:

Search query


“June 27”

return all the tasks due on June 27.

“Homework & June 27”

return all the tasks due on June 27 with the keyword Homework.

“Homework & due after: June 24 & due before: June 30”

return all tasks between June 24th and 30th with the keyword Homework.

“Homework & p1”

returns all tasks with “homework” in the title of priority 1.

“Created: May 26 2017”

will return all the tasks created on May 26.

“Created after: June 1 2017”

will return all the tasks that were created after June 1st.


There are a lot more ways to find what you need by combining the filter queries. Try them out and get what you need. 

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