How to best use filters

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As your Todoist gets crowded with tasks, it gets harder to find what you need. That’s where filters come in handy.

Filters let you view tasks in any way you like: Based on their name, due date, project, label, priority, date created and more. It’s a super customizable way to find what you want.



Get the hang of using filters by trying a few out. Find these in your navigation pane under Filters:

  • The No due date filter displays every task in Todoist without a due date.
  • The High Priority filter shows you every task in Todoist with priority 1.

Now create your own filters to see the tasks that are important to you. Here are a few suggestions to start:

Filter name

Filter query

Filter description

Unscheduled work tasks

#Work & no due date

View every unscheduled task in your #Work project

Important tasks in the next 2 weeks

P1 OR P2 & due before: 14 days

See every high priority task in the next two weeks

Older than a month

Created before: 30 days ago

You want to make sure old tasks don’t slip through the cracks. To do that, use a filter that looks at tasks that were created before 30 days ago.

Saturday night

Due date:saturday & @night

You can use labels in filters, too. So if you use labels like @night to keep track of tasks you work on at night, check out if you’re free on Saturday night with this filter:

Assigned to me

#project & assigned to:me

If you’re working with a team on a shared project, you’ll find that you’re assigned to some tasks. A quick way to see every task you’re assigned to in a project is a project and assignment filter.

Tip: When you find a filter that you want to keep close by, add it to your Favorites.

Discover a variety of useful filters: