How to collaborate with others

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Some projects are too big to tackle alone. When it’s time to work with others, here’s how to share your tasks and projects in Todoist.

How does sharing work?

  • Share your projects in Todoist
  • Assign tasks to others


How to best collaborate with others:

  • Before inviting your teammates, tidy up your project
  • Invite your teammates to the project and assign them their first task
  • Discuss tasks together using comments
  • Build a rhythm by reviewing your progress together once a week.

Before inviting your teammates, tidy up your project

Teamwork depends on clear communication. So before you invite your teammates to your Todoist project, make sure it’s well-named and well-organized so people can make sense of your tasks and aren’t overwhelmed when they show up.

Tips: Learn how to keep things neat by reading The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up Your Todoist.

Invite your teammates into your project

Now that everything is neatly organized, invite your teammates to the project.

Once a teammate accepts, they’ll be able to see everything you can: the tasks, the due dates, the priorities, the comments and everything else in the project.

To give them a running start, assign them their first task and give it a due date. They’ll get a notification about the task and the task will show up in their Today view when the due date arrives.

Discuss tasks together using comments

Some of the best ideas come when bouncing ideas off one another. So whenever a team member wants to chat with others about a task, they can simply post a comment.

You can ask questions, discuss the task at hand and also attach any supporting documentation to the task -- whether those are photos, PDFs, videos or the like.

Build a weekly rhythm with your team

Once everyone’s successfully knocking tasks off together, it’s important to make sure everyone has what they need. Check on the project regularly and ensure your teammates have everything they need to get things done.

A few things to look out for when reviewing your shared projects:

  • Make sure every task has been properly assigned.
  • Make sure every task has a due date.
  • Complete tasks that have been finished but not marked as complete yet.

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