How to best use reminders

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Don’t miss a thing by using Todoist to remind yourself about your tasks.

What are reminders?

  • Whenever you need to remember something, set a reminder to notify your phone or send you an email


How to best use reminders

  • When you have appointments and deadlines, set push reminders
  • When you want to remind yourself in advance of an upcoming deadline, use push or email reminders
  • For tasks you don’t want to forget when you get home or any place, set location reminders

Never miss an appointments and deadlines with phone notification reminders

If you’re the type that checks in on their phone (too) often, pop up reminders can be super effective.

For events or tasks where you need to do something at a specific time, push reminders are best, as they will pop up on your phone. So if you get distracted and are about to miss your class, or an important meeting, or a date or whatever, Todoist will snap you back to reality.

Simply set the reminder, and then it’ll pop up on your phone.


Be prepared for future events and deadlines using push or email reminders

If you want to get a reminder on your own schedule, try setting a reminder ahead of time.

You can set a push reminder, but if you prefer, an email reminder is a great, non-interruptive way of reminding you of an upcoming event on your own schedule. The next time you check in to your email you’ll be reminded that you have something to do.

Simply set the email reminder, and you’re good.

Take care of everything at home or wherever with location reminders

Sometimes you have something to do the second you get home, like taking out the garbage. That’s when a location reminder comes in handy. The second you reach your house, a reminder will buzz your phone letting you know you have something to do.

These are also useful when travelling, so you can remember to call your mom as soon as you land.

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